Unique and unrepeatable

Not for everyone, just for a few.

Private chalets in the woods, a unique spot in the Italian Alps, for a total immersion into the wild nature of Trentino.

In mountain’s crystal clear air all the perfumes, colors and flavors are naturally exalted. A kind of magic for all the senses.

Imagine waking up with the chirping of birds, admiring in silence the sunset over the Dolomites, pamper yourself in front of the fire tasting a glass of wine and warm up in the sauna after skiing.

For couples, maybe on honeymoon, it will be incredibly romantic and unforgettable.

Children will go crazy with joy. The chalets will be for them as goblins’ huts and squirrels their adventures’ friends.

In any way you choose to spend your holiday in Trentino Alto Adige South Tyrol, let yourself be amazed and enchanted!

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